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Dorset Treeworx | Tree & hedge planting services in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester in South Dorset

Planting Trees & Hedge Rows in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, Dorset

We offer a tree and hedge planting services for private and commercial clients in Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester and surrounding areas. We can help from sourcing the tree and / or hedge row all the way to delivery and planting. We tree plant using a tree stake, tree tie and new soil with rootball mixed in to help aid the tree to continue from there. Hedge planting is planted at distances from each other depending on the hedging species type and overall requires that you need.
Need help to deciding on which is the right tree or hedge row is for you or your space? Contact us to discuss for help in selecting the right tree and for it’s location.
Dorset Treeworx Ltd | Tree planted in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester in Dorset - Tree planting after tree removal with a Dorset council tree application consent in Weymouth, Dorset

Tree Removal & Planting Service

Tree Application - Tree Planting for private and commercial clients

Following a tree removal of a protected tree it is sometimes a requirement to plant after with a tree species of certain size in a location near to the previous felled tree. We offer a tree application service to gain consent for the tree felling and finally the sourcing and tree planting. Contact us.

Dorset Treeworx Ltd | Garden tree and hedge planting service Weymouth & Portland, Dorchester, South Dorset

 Private Planting Service

Tree & Hedge Planting - Private Clients

What type of tree or hedge row would you like? 

If you know, we can source and plant it for you or just plant it. Here to help.

Unsure what type of tree or hedge row you would like or best for the space? 

We can help you in choosing your type tree or hedging and the size with regards to the size of the location and overall requirements.

Contact us to discussed.

Dorset Treeworx Ltd | Commercial tree and hedge planting service Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester in South Dorset

Commercial Planting Service

Commercial Tree & Hedge Planting

The world of commercial tree and hedge planting is mainly based on maintenance required, space located and the environment of the location. Commercial tree and hedge planting is usually to screen off areas such as solar panels sites, buildings, noise dampening, general privacy, security or environment factors plus, investing in area for the future. 

Contact us to discussed your needs.

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Tree and hedge planting service in Weymouth, Dorchester, Portland in Dorset