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Dorset Treeworx Ltd | Tree and hedge stump grinding removal service to remove those unwanted tree stumps by stump grinding - tree removal, tree felling, tree cut down, tree felling services

Stump Removal Service By Stump Grinding in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, Dorset

Do you have unwanted tree stumps or hedge stumps in your garden or commercial site? We remove unwanted tree and hedge stumps using a stump grinding to remove the stump(s) below ground level and often the rootball as well. Stump removal is helpful to regain planting space, remove a stump that’s a trip hazard or to remove the chance of the plant or tree regrowing.
If your trees, hedges and shrubs in your garden or site are overgrown we can either trim to tidy, reduce them in height and size or totally remove them including the stumps. We use the industries best professional equipment to achieve best results.
Our locally trained team of Weymouth tree surgeons deliver professional tree surgery and hedge maintenance to a high standard and have a keen eye for detail. Understanding different types of hedging, trees, shrubs required different finish as to keep them looking good and healthy. We offer one off or regular maintenance once or twice a year to clients to keep the trees, hedges and shrubs tidy and looking good all year.
We also offer tree care, tree removal, hedge trimming, hedge removal and private garden and commercial site maintenance services in Weymouth & Portland, Dorchester and surrounding areas.
Tree Surgeon Weymouth | Tree stump removal by grinding in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, Dorset

 Stump Removal by Grinder and Hand

Stump Removal By Grinder

The tree or hedge row stumps are removed by the stump grinder to below ground level by approx 6" and we try to get as much of the rootball as possible.

Stump Removal By Hand

The tree stump and root-ball of the tree maybe of size to be dug out by hand and removed from site. 

Tree stump removal treatment plugs in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester in Dorset - Tree surgery, tree removal, tree felling services

 Stump Treatment - Commercial Plugs

Stump Treatment

For hard to reach areas for the stump grinder, plugs are drilled into stumps to stop / reduced regrowth. 

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